Mind Time Cards

Affirmations Cards for Teens

mind time cards

Mind Time Cards are a deck of 31 beautifully illustrated positive thought cards created for the SOUL purpose of teaching young people about the magnetic powers of their mind. Using the Mind Time Cards can help young developing minds learn how to utilize their power of positive focus and creative visualization to create what they want! 

Thank you for assisting me in spreading positivity!


$14.95 per deck

“They are enchanting! My clients love them. I have been letting girls choose to keep whichever card speaks the loudest to them. The pictures are accessible and whimsical, the messages powerful and hit the spot! I have been doing this work for over 21 years and am always on the lookout for fresh and innovative ways to reach my clients.” - Annette Rasmussen, Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist

As an educator of over 25 years and a parent for 12, I know it's the little things consistently done over time that make the biggest impact and affect positive change. I really appreciate the "simple" brilliance of these cards and how easy it is for anyone who lives or works with Tweens and teens to incorporate into their daily ritual.

Thank you Sharon."    – D. Burdick

"These cards are beautifully illustrated and contain pertinent, self-esteem boosting affirmations for teens. These mantras and values are critical, in my opinion, to having a balanced, healthy, and fulfilled life. In fact, I wouldn't limit the use to teenager; many adults could probably benefit from these cards suggestions. Every teacher, educator, school counselor, therapist... Should have a deck handy, absolutely." - Jessica, Reculture San Diego