The ten Archetypes

Once you understand them, you’ll see them everywhere.

Ten points of view: the Archetypes

We each blend the three perspectives of time to create our thoughts, that’s how we become different from one another in our behaviour and communication. Each of our individual ways of seeing the world grows out of a combination of the 3 primary priorities of thoughts: PastPresent, and Future. These motivate all thoughts and behaviors. Whether you lead with one perspective, blend two, or equally blend all three, all possible points of view are a blend of the 3 dimensions of time.

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Past: Truth-seeker

Factual, academic, informed, knowledgeable, secure, safe, hierarchical, measured

Present: Organiser

Predictable, stable, ordered, regular, structured, networked, executor, conscientious

Future: Visionary

Inventive, hopeful, infectious, flexible, imaginative, open, non-conformist, ideas

Past-Present: Curator

Learned, implementer, continuity-builder, structured, disciplined, prudent, method

Past-Future: Researcher

Reflective, independent, curious, analytical, deductive, reasoning, skeptical, idealist

Present-Past: Engineer

Reflective, independent, curious, analytical, deductive, reasoning, skeptical, idealist

Present-Future: Navigator

Strategic, goal-oriented, course setting, tactical, competitive, systematic, adaptive

Future-Past: Explorer

Entrepreneurial, curious, open minded, insightful, romantic, experimental

Future-Present: Leader

Action-oriented, inspiring, developer, innovator, course-setter, builder

Past-Present-Future: Connector

Bridge-builder, peacemaker, moderator, consensus-builder, jack of all thinking styles