Play a winning hand in life!

MindTime Cards™ reveal why you are you

“Worth at least a year of therapy.”
Jeff Sapperstein, professor and author

“Playing the cards turned lifelong struggles in my thinking into assets.”
Marika Curganov, PhD

“I play MindTime Cards with every client.”
Dyana King, executive coach

MindTime Cards™ come with:

• Online archetype calculator & insights results
• Complete 10-volume archetype e-library
• Lots of use and game strategies
• MindTime Community – Slack

All for just $39.95 (incl shipping)

What you will learn by playing the cards:

  • How you operate and what you need
  • The value you bring and how to present it
  • How to work with other people more easily
  • You’ll learn to recognize these thought patterns at work and in people
  • How we can use our differences to help each other toward success
  • How to understand challenges and turn them into opportunities
MindTime Cards are used by coaches, families, business leaders, organizations, Agile trainers and teams, and people from every walk of life.
  • Learn about coaching strategies
  • Book a private coach training 
  • The best calling card you’ll have 
  • People get it!

A coach’s dream tool

The many uses of MindTime Cards


Look at your resistances
Build empathy and trust
Decrease conflict and stress


Understand and better navigate differences
Reveal why relationships are sometimes difficult
Decrease tension and grow empathy
Untangle sticky challenges


Reveal each person’s true value to the group
Communicate across differences
Collaborate with strengths
Grow trust and have more fun!

MindTime Cards are printed and shipped from Italy. 
Proceeds benefit the mission of the MindTime Foundation, a Dutch non-profit.
Please contact us for pricing on orders of 30 MindTime Card decks or more.